Early strength additive for oil well cement E29L (Liquid)
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E29L can change ion concentration in cement hydrate to accelerate the actingof C3S、C3A and forming of calcium aluminous stone. So it can densify the structure and enhance early strength.
Items Specification
Appearance Earth-yellow liquid
Initial consistency,Bc <30
Thickening time,min/30℃,Normal pressure,15min <Base slurry
Compression strength , MPa/30℃,Normal pressure 8h ≥4
24h ≥12

● E29L main consists of inorganic compound.
● Appearance : Earth-yellow liquid。
● Normal dosage :1.5%~4.0%(BWOC)。
● Suitable temperature :28℃~110℃(BHCT)。
● Increase early strength of cement stone at low temperature.   
● Suitable for low density cement slurry of fly ash ,normal oil well cement and low density cement slurry of glass microspheres.
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