High temperature oil well cement retarder GDML-9S (Liquid)
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GDML-9S belongs to the same series of liquid retarders. It can absorb on the surfaces of the cement slurry hydrate to inhibit contact with water and chelate with Ca2+ to prevent crystal nucleus forming early. Therefore, it can retard thickening time.

Items Specification
Appearance Colorless or pale red fluid
Initial consistrency , Bc ≤30
Thickening time min/118℃,111MPa.60min 180-420 adjustable
Compression strength, Mpa/142℃.21Mpa.48h ≥14

● GDML-9S consists of substances like sulfonic acid and organic salts.
● Appearance: Colorless or pale red fluid ,the density is 1.2g/cm3 .
● Normal dosage: 0.3%-2.5%(BWOC).
● Suitable temperature:60℃-180℃(BHCT).
● Reduce consistency of cement slurry and improve the rheological.
● Has no harmful on other properties of cement slurry.
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