Oil well cement fluid loss additive FL-301
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FL-301 can enhance the viscosity of water phase in cement slurry and form aggregated chains of polymer to plug the pores in mud cake. So it can reduce the permeability of mud cake and to control fluid loss
Items Specification
Appearance Reddish brown powder
Initial consistency, Bc ≤30.0
Free fluid, ml/75℃ ≤2.0
Fluid loss,ml/75℃,6.9Mpa,30min ≤150.0
Thickening time,min/75℃,52Mpa,40min ≥60.0
Compression strength,Mpa,/95℃.21Mpa,24h ≥14.0
The Ingredient of the cement slurry in the table is: Jia Hua class G cement, W/C 0.44, Dosage is 1.2 %(BWOC)+ dispersant: 0.5% ,Water quality: distilled water.
3. Characteristic
●FL-301 consists of cellulose derivatives of various kinds and other additives related to them. 
●Appearance: reddish brown powder without poison or odor. 
●Normal dosage: 0.8%-2.0 %( BWOC). APL fluid loss: ≤250ml. 
●Almost no free fluid. 
●Dissolve easily. 
●No obvious thickening effect on cement slurry. 
●Show slight thixotropic behavior. 
●Has certain retarding property which can be eliminated by using accelerator, so it can be used easily to design right-angle thickening slurry. 
●Enhance the compression strength of cement gravel. 
●Has a definite salt-resisting property. 
●Apply to oil wells whose circulating temperature is between 40℃and 120℃.
●It will be more effective combining with dispersant.
●Mixed with or without water.
●    Be sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack
●    Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation.
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