Cementing HTHP filtrate loss reducer FL-1S
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It’s a kind of pure polymer, formed by the polymerization of the modified AMPS, low molecular weight amides, carboxyl acid. It is soluble high molecular polymer the more functional groups makes them anti-temperature and anti-salt ability.
Items Specification
Appearance Flowing powder or particles
Fluid loss,ml/80℃,6.9MPa,30min ≤150.0
Initial consistency , BC/80℃,46.5MPa,45min ≤30.0
Compression strength ,MPa/102℃. 21MPa. 24h ≥14.0
residue(0.420mm screen),% ≤7.0

The ingredient of the cement in the table is : cement, water quality: tap-water, W/C :0.44,Dosage is 0.8%(BWOC).

Temperature range :30~200℃
Salt range: fresh to saturated water
Filtration property: <100ml API FL
Solubility: full soluble
Compatibility: good
Solubility with cement: any cement classes
Stability: free water approach zero
Thickening time : thickening curve approach a right-angle
Density range : any density of cement slurry
Having a little retarder effect to the cement slurry.
Dosage: 0.5-1.2%(BWOC)
Packaging and transport Sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack. Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation. Stored in cool and dry situation and storage life is two years.
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