Cementing HTHP filtrate loss reducer FL-37A
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FL-307A can control fluid loss through forming tight polymer film and enhancing viscosity of water phase
Items Specification
Appearance Pink powder or particles
Quantum of fluid loss, ml/45℃.6.9Mpa.30min ≤150
Initial consistency.Bc ≤30
Thickening time , min/45℃,20Mpa,20min ≥60
Compression strength,Mpa/45℃,0.1Mpa,24h ≥14

●FL-307A consists of water-dissolved macromolecules,reinforcing pollution and other additives related.
●Appearance:pink powder or particles
●Normal dosage:1.5%-3.0% (BWOC).
●Applicable temperature:30℃-75℃(BHCT).
●Filtration property: ≤150 (API FL)
●Tiny expansion, the cement can engender effective expansion however it’s plastic phase or been induated.
●Can be used to as gas locked agent, enhance the strength of cement and cementation, densify the structure of cement.
●Good rheology of cement slurry, adjusted thickening time, short transition thickening time.
●Combined with retarder ,can be used in middle-deep wells.
●Mixed without water with cement equably.
Be sacked with three package,25Kg/sack.
Be kept away from moisture, stored in cool and dry situation and storage life is two years.
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