Cementing HTHP filtrate loss reducer FL-110(Liquid)
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Soluble polymer that consists of more functional groups has better anti-temperature and anti-salt ability
Items Specification
Appearance viscous liquid
Initial consistency , BC ≤30
Water loss,ml/80℃ 6.9MPa 30min ≤100
Thickening time ,ml/80℃,70MPa,40min ≥60
Compressionstrength ,MPa/80℃.normal pressure. 24h ≥14
1. Function
● FL-110 is polymerized by low molecular amide and carboxyl acid
● FL-110 is a viscous liquid
● Temperature range :30~200℃
● Salt range: fresh to saturated water
● Filtration property: <100ml  
● Solubility: full soluble
● Dosage: 3~6%(BWOS)
● Compatibility: good
● Solubility with cement: any cement classes
● Stability: free water approach zero
● Thickening time : thickening curve approach a right-angle
● Density range : any density of cement slurry
● Retarder effect can be controlled by accelerator、Early strength additive accelerator
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