Anti-gas Channeling Additive GM41
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It can change ion concentration in cement hydrate to accelerate dissolving of the components ,acting of C3A and forming of calcium aluminous stone ,so it can densify the structure and enhance early strength.
Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Initial consistency, Bc ≤30
Thickening time,min/65℃,35MPa,30min ≤120
Compression strength,MPa/65℃,normal pressure,24h ≥18
Side length of the set cement briquette
cm/65℃,normal pressure,24h

● Normal dosage :2%~3%(BWOC).
● Increase early strength of cement stones obviously and has no harmful influence on
● Increasing of latter strength.
● Has certain slight expanding effect which does good to compensate the volume
● Contraction of cement and improve cementing quality of cement sheath.
● Suitable for cement slurry with normal and low density.
● Used in shallow or middle-deep wells.
● Suitable for being mixed without water.
Packaging and transport Sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack. Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation. Stored in cool and dry situation and storage life is two years.

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