Fluid loss control additive for oil well cement FL-3S
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It’s formed by the polymerization of the modified AMPS, low molecular weight amides, carboxyl acid. It is soluble polymer that consists of more functional groups has better anti-temperature and anti-salt ability.




Flowing powder or particles

Initial consistency , BC


Fluid loss,ml/80℃,6.9MPa,30min


Thickening time ,ml/80℃,40MPa,40min


Compression strength ,MPa/80℃. 21MPa. 24h 


residue(0.420mm screen)


The ingredient of the cement in the table is : Jia hua class G cement , water quality: tap-water, W/C :0.44,Dosage of FL-3S: 1.5%(BWOC).

● Temperature range :30~200℃
● Salt range: fresh to saturated water
● Filtration property: <100ml  API FL
● Solubility: full soluble
● Compatibility: good
● Solubility with cement: any cement classes
● Stability: free water approach zero
● Thickening time : thickening curve approach a right-angle
● Density range : any density of cement slurry
● Having a little retarder effect to the cement slurry.
● Dosage: 1~3%(BWOC)
Packaging and transport Sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack. Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation. Stored in cool and dry situation.

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