Cementing Defoamers DF-I
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DF-I can defoam through reducing surface tension of liquid.
Items Specification
Appearance White powder
screenings(0.420mm standardsieve),% ≤7
Deforming ratio,% ≥90.0

● DF-I belongs to macromolecule polyether, Appearance: colorless or yellowish viscous liquid with no poison, odor, corrosivity and environment pollution.
● Normal dosage:0.3%-0.5%(BWOC).
● It has various functions such as inhibiting foam,defoaming, perverting mingrating of gas. Defoams rapidly
● Resist corrosion of acid and base, as well as high temperature.
● Has good compatibility with other additives.
● Has no harmful influence on other properties of cement slurry.
Packaging and transport in sacked with three package,25Kg/sack. Kept away from fire,damage and leakage in store and transportation.. Storage life is two year.

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