Sulfonated Asphalt
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It's a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive with many fine properties. Oil asphalt is basal raw material. It appears brown in easy breakable pieces or fluidized powder. Its density is 0.989g/cm3. It's partly water soluble, partly oil soluble and partly both water and oil soluble, having fine emulsifying property suitable for every kinds of drilling fluid. Our company is the first manufacturer in China.
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Water soluble content % ≥70.0
Oil soluble content % ≥20.0
HTHP. FL reducing rate % ≥40.0
PH 8-10
Moisture % ≤10.0

They can emulsify fresh water or sea water with oil, depress the solid expansion of drill chips , control HTHP FL, produces thin and tenacious mud cakes, helps maintain low shearing rate under HTHP, cleans and stabilizes well holes that have a great deal of collapsing shale.
● Stabilize shale stratum
● Reduce rotative torque and prevent jamming
● Substitute of oil, including crude oil, waste engine oil and diesel oil
● Depress the solid expansion of drill chips
● Control HTHP FL
● Produce thin and tenacious mud cakes
●Recommended quantity to be added: 1-4%



25KG or 50LB net sealed in 4-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining. During storage and transport see that the bag is intact as the product is water soluble.

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